Fonts Used 

Old - Pricedown
New - Pricedown '07
"1,000,000" -
Jimbo Std-Black Condensed
Spectacular - Jimbo Std-Black Condensed


Fonts Used 

Current - Vag Rounded BT
Original Credits - Pricedown
Old Credits - Swiss, Slicker
Goodson/Todman - Slicker
"A Mark Goodson Production" - Times New Roman
TNPiR94 -


Ticket Plug
Fonts Used

TPiR - Slicker

TNPiR94 - Compacta
1st Phone No -
2nd Phone No - Swiss


Contestant's Row
Fonts Used 

Original - Eggcrate 
Current - Sports Type Full 


The Showcase

Fonts Used

1st 'SHOWCASE' title - Future
2nd 'SHOWCaSe' title - Light & Black
3rd 'SHOWCASE' title - Neutraface
'SHOWCASE' MDS title - SF Intellivised
Old Titles - Nimbus Sans D Black
New Titles - Kingpin
Display - Eggcrate
New Display - Neutraface
1st $35,000+ Showcase Win - Frutiger Black
2nd $35,000+ Showcase Win - Geometric 415
3rd $35,000+ Showcase Win - Pricedown
4th $35,000+ Showcase Win - Berlin Sans
5th $35,000+ Showcase Win -
6th $35,000+ Showcase Win - Arial
7th $35,000+ Showcase Win -
Vag Rounded BT
8th $35,000+ Showcase Win -

On Screen Graphics

Fonts Used

1st Big Wheel - News Gothic
2nd Big Wheel - Swiss
3rd Big Wheel, Grand Game, Punchabunch - ShowcaseShowdown
4th Big Wheel, Grand Game -
5th Big Wheel, Grand Game -
Berlin Sans
2nd It's In the Bag - Berlin Sans
3rd It's In the Bag -
Vag Rounded BT
6th Big wheel -
5th Grand Game -
Vag Rounded BT
7th Big Wheel - Vag Rounded BT
MDS - Bodoni Poster Compressed

Opening Titles
Fonts Used 

Tudor Semi-Lite or Windsor Demi
Cooper Black 
Cooper Black Italic BT 


Double Showcase Winner

Fonts Used

1st Graphic - Tonight 
2nd Graphic - Olympia Heavy
3rd Graphic - Kingpin
4th Graphic -
Vag Rounded BT


Big Wheel

Fonts Used

Old Numbers - Pricedown
New Numbers -
Original Scoreboard - Sports Type Full
Scoreboard - Vane 

TNPiR94 Showcase
Fonts Used 

Title - Eurostile 
Prices - Swiss 

TNPiR94 Showcase Showdown

Fonts Used 

"was" - Compacta
On Screen Text - Compacta
Displays - Eggcrate