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January 2019
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Alexa Hawkin, COME ON DOWN!
Tammy Glad, COME ON DOWN!
Patricia Meyerhoffer, COME ON DOWN!
And Donna Mangalonafair (?), COME ON DOWN!

You are the first four contestants on The Price is Right! And now here’s the star of The Price is Right, BOB BARKER!

Bob’s wearing a brown suit, yellow shirt, and brownish tie. He mentions that we’re going to be playing the new game, On the Nose.

IUFB #1- Anaheim Gazebo (modeled by Dian, wearing a giant pink dress that’s not their outfit of the day)
Alexa Tammy Patricia Donna
410 750 995 700 ARP: 795

Tammy will play Shell Game for an RCA Projection TV (Holly, wearing the day’s outfit- a cream and beige dress) worth $3500

Bob: Now you’ve seen us do this on Price is Right, haven’t you. Tammy?
Tammy: No.
Bob: You have never seen this game? Have you ever seen The Price is Right?
Tammy: Um hm (yes).
Bob: And you have never seen this game?
Tammy: No.
Bob: Well, we’ve only done it for 12 years. (Really 10 years) So, it’s one of our oldest games and one of the most fun. You’ve never seen this?
Tammy: No.
Bob: Well, you’re about to.

1st Prize: Connair Hair Styler
Wrong Price: $19
She says higher: $30, she’s right. She puts the chip by Shell #1.

2nd Prize: Harlequin Book Collection
Wrong Price: $35
She says lower: $25, she’s right again. She puts it by #4.

3rd Prize: Litton Microwave Cookware
Wrong Price:$62
She says lower: $50, right again! She puts it by #2.

Bob: Tammy, are you sure you’ve never seen this game?
Tammy: Nope, I’ve never seen it.
Bob: You’ve never seen this game?
Tammy: Never.
Bob: What game have you seen us play?
Tammy: The golf game.
Bob: You’ve seen the golf game. Did I make my putt that day or miss it?
Tammy: You missed it.
Bob: Put the chip by one of the shells and let’s go on.

4th Prize: Quallofil Pillow
Wrong Price: $12
She says higher: $17 She’s right and puts the chip by shell #2.

Bob asks her why he would put out $500.
Tammy: Guess it right the first time?
Bob tells her he wants her to tell him which has the ball under it.

She says #3.

#4: No ball
#2: No ball
#1: The ball, no $500. But she did win the prize.
Commericals for Vivid Colors Bleach, Glass Plus Cleaner, and Spray and Starch fabric cleaner.

Tina Tidwell, COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #2- Phillipe Chariol Ladies’ cable watch (Janice)
Alexa Tina Patricia Donna
500 475 400 300 ARP: 550

Alexa will play the debut of On the Nose for a Ford Mustang (Dian).

First Alexa has to try to pick the price of the car. The choices are $6791, $8465, $7964, and $7205. If she gets it on the nose, she gets 4 athletic field attempts, plus a $1000 bonus. The next closet price is 3 chances, the next gives 2 chances, and the furthest gives one chance.

She picks $7964. Bob starts listing the sports they could play. She wants to play baseball.

$7964 and…..4 baseballs! She’s right, wins $1000, and has 4 chances at baseball. She has to get the ball in a small (18 inch or so) circle to win. Bob gives an “inspiration throw”. He misses and hits the catcher’s face!

Her first ball: Upper right
Second ball: JUST below
Third ball: Upper left
Last ball: In the hole, she wins!!

Bob comments that he missed because the mat slipped.

Commercials for Silkience Shampoo, Hefty Trash Bags, Oscar bologna, and Gaines Burgers Dog Food.

It’s camera time for Johnny, wearing dark blue. Phillis Perkensen, COME ON DOWN!

Phillis takes her time getting to the main aisle, then stops just before contestant’s row and looks up a Bob for a few seconds, and then takes her place and blows into the microphone. She claims Johnny said something that she doesn’t complete, but he insists he did no such thing. It turns out she’s from Cinncinatti, Ohio.

IUFB #3- Maverick BBQ (Dian)
Phillis Tina Patricia Donna
300 400 250 401 ARP: $300. Phillis wins a $100 bonus.

Phillis doesn’t realize Bob has money in his pocket. When she finds it, she screams like crazy. She can win patio furniture (Janice) in Squeeze Play.

Numbers are 1 7 2 5 6. She takes out the 5. It squeezes together at $1726, ARP: $1726. She wins and doesn’t even realize it!

Commercials for Ziploc Sandwich Bags, Velveeta Cheese, a Kodak Camera, Toni Hair Curler, and Bare Elegance Moisturizer.

Showcase Showdown #1

Phillis 35 + 95 = $1.30 OVER
Tammy 60 STAY
Alexa 5 + 45 = 50

Tammy’s in the Showcase

Commercials for Dimensyn and Milk Bones

Susan Gormian, COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #4- Firedrum Fireplace (Holly)
Susan Tina Patricia Donna
650 700 995 600 ARP: 995 Another $100 Bonus

Bob asks what “Bob Barker’s Private Beauty Nurse (on her shirt)” means. She whispers in her ear. Bob laughs good and moves right on. She’ll play for Poker Game for an Avanti bar cart, a Berkline recliner (Dian), a Whirlpool dishwasher, and Regal Cookware (Holly).

She picks the Bar Cart: $299
She picks the Dishwasher: $469, she has 3 nines, a 6, and a 4. She keeps.

Recliner: $699 (uh-oh)
Cookware: $800, house has two pairs. She wins!

There’s more Price is Right coming up!

Commericals for West Virginia Career College computer courses, a local Cabinet Shop, the Coast Guard, and Jeopardy.

Johnny’s on camera again. Jay Fortour (?), COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #5- Kalamazoo toy train (Holly)
Susan Tina Jay Donna
450 451 300 425 ARP: 499

Tina will play Barker’s Bargain Bar (with a closeup of the logo) for a “Cuddle love seat” (Janice) and a Provincial Secratary (Dian).

Is the bigger bargain the love seat at $739 or the secratary at $820

Love seat bargain price: $739
ARP: $1439
Diff: $700
Secratary baragin price: $820
ARP: $1320
Diff: $500, LOSS

Commercials for Manwich and Wesson Oil

Bob mentions the Bob Barker Fun and Games show at Champange, Illinois.

Gladys Etzel, COME ON DOWN!

IUFB #6- Admiral Refrigerator (Holly)
Susan Gladys Jay Donna
900 750 850 875 ARP: 1299

Susan will play $10,000 Grand Game! Target Price is $1.38.

Starkist Tuna
Dinty Moore Beef Stew
Clorets Gum
Naturally Fresh Salad Dressing
Chico San Rice Cakes
Hershey’s Choclate Chips

Picks Gum: 45¢ $10.00
Picks Tuna: 89¢ $100.00
Picks Rice Cakes: 95¢ $1000.00
Risks $1000 and picks Dressing: $1.29 She wins $10000.00

Stew was $1.49, Chips were $1.88

Commercials for Rasin Life Cereal, Hanes Alive, Avon Vivage Perfume, and Tegrin Dandruff Shampoo

Contestants not appearing on stage will receive Arthur Murrey dance lessons, Armadillos Shoes, and KFC Chicken. And now again here’s Bob Barker with our showcase showdown!

Tina 90 STAY
Patricia 75 + 5 = 80
Susan 65 + 75 = $1.40 OVER

Tina’s in the showcase.

Commercials for Cheetos, Hilshire Farms Sausage, Slim Fast, and The Young and the Restless

It turns out that Tammy, the top winner, is from Ventura, California has 1 and 2 year olds. Tina, the runner up, is from Mesa, Arizona.

1st showcase
-Micheal C. Fina Gold Plated Tea Service (Holly)
-Broyhill Dining Room (Janice)
-Bernardo de Limoges Dinnerware (Janice)
-40 sq yards of World Carpet (Janice)
-Trip to Paris (Dian) w/ TWA Airlines, from American Express Vacation Stores

Tammy passes to Tina who bids $7000.

Tammy’s showcase
-Baby Bird won’t fly without her Amelia Earhart Luggage
-Big Sister won’t fly without her Sony Casette Player
-Mama’s going south in a Dodge 600 Convertible

(The birds look ridiculous and the music is WEIRD. You have to see it to believe it.)

Tammy bids $12,500.

Commercials for Mop & Glow, Happy Cat Cat Food, the same Toni curler, and the same Bare Elegance moisturizer.

Bob asks the audience for their opinion. They think Tammy won, so Bob starts with Tina.

Her bid: 7000
ARP: 6234

Now to Tammy.

Her bid: 12500
ARP: 11397


Bob: A double overbid! What a thing to have happen today. When we’ve had 5 out of 6 games won, we had a new car on our new game, On the Nose, we’ve had 2 $100 bonuses for bids that were right on the nose, and then a double overbid. But, these things happen. Bob Barker saying goodbye everybody!

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