Episode Count 5,203
June 2019
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Gloria Luquais, COME ON DOWN!
Joan Moats, COME ON DOWN!
Linda Urbanich, COME ON DOWN!
Gladys Beard, COME ON DOWN!

You are the first four contestants on The Price Is Right!”

1st IUFB: Food Storage Cabinet

Gloria: $750
Joan: $675
Linda: $1250*
Gladys: $525

ARP: $1250

Linda wins $100 and plays Lucky 7 for a Chevrolet Cavalier

1st guess: 7 (6)
2nd guess: 8 ( 8 )
3rd guess: 4 ( 8 )
4th guess: 6 (5) WIN! ARP $6885

“Wanda Hopkins, COME ON DOWN!”

2nd IUFB: Bumper Pool Table

Wanda: $565
Gladys: $725
Gloria: $589*
Joan: $150 (?????)

ARP: $695

Gloria plays Clock Game for a Range and Dinette

from here it’s all downhill. Gloria starts with the range and proceeds to spend the entire 30 seconds jumping around the price ($603) and loses both prizes. She joins a handful of contestants who have played Clock Game so badly that they didn’t even win one prize. LOSS

“Kimberly Spencer, COME ON DOWN!”

3rd IUFB: Handpainted Trunk (with Holly inside!)

Kimberly: $450
Joan: $490*
Wanda: $990
Gladys: $885

ARP: $780

Joan plays Pick A Pair for an Organ ($2295)

1st Pick: Sue Bee Honey & king size Hershey Krackel

Honey: $1.39
Candy: $1.39 WIN!

1st Showcase Showdown:
-Joan wins with .95

“Joan Sickenger, COME ON DOWN!”

4th IUFB: Washer & Dryer

Joan: $460
Wanda: $950*
Gladys: $850
Kimberly: $800

ARP: $1000

Wanda plays One Right Price for a Projection TV and Brass Etegiere

ORP: $1695

Wanda picks the Etegiere

ARP: $2420 LOSS
TV: $1695

“Roger Issee, COME ON DOWN!”

5th IUFB: Ceiling Fan Light

Roger: $475
Gladys: $625
Kimberly: $350*
Joan: $750

ARP: $428

Kimberly plays the debut of Master Key for a Pair of Recliners, Rolltop Desk, and Ford Futura 2-Door (package total $9384)

1st Prize: Sweeper

$74 or $43

Kimberly picks $43 RIGHT!

2nd Prize: Skirt

$24 or $40

Kimberly picks $40 WRONG

Kimberly has just one key to take down to the locks

She puts the key in the Recliners lock>>>>> WIN!

Bob says that it’s quite possible she has the Master Key, so Kimberly skips the Desk

She puts the key in the Car lock>>>>>>>> WIN!

What a way to start. She got only one key and it was the Master Key

“Lynn Shaw, COME ON DOWN!”

6th IUFB: Sofette

Lynn: $675
Joan: $725
Roger: $625
Gladys: $785*

ARP: $982

Gladys avoids becoming part of the First 4 Breakfast club, and plays Range Game for a Snowmobile

Range: $2500-$3100

Gladys stops the rangefinder at $2744-$2894

ARP: $2750 WIN! (by only $6)

2nd Showcase Showdown:
- 3 way tie with .95
- Kimberly wins with .85


Kimberly (TOP WINNER)

1st Showcase:
-bedroom set

Kimberly keeps it, and bids $7500

2nd Showcase: 1st Annual TPIR Costume Party Contest

4th Prize: Janice as Cleopatra>>> Prize: Sailboard
3rd Prize: Dian as Elvira>>> Prize: Stereo
2nd Prize: Holly as Marie Antionette>>> Prize: trip to Hawaii
1st Prize: Johnny as Carmen Miranda>>> Prize: Mustang Convertible

Joan bids $13500

$13500 (Joan)
($16974) ARP
$3474 (difference)
$7500 (Kimberly)
($7047) ARP

Joan wins!

Joan’s total winnings: $20019

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