Episode Count 5,203
August 2019
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Kathleen Shinondae, COME ON DOWN!
Darrell Warren, COME ON DOWN!
Diane Roberts, COME ON DOWN!
Harry Neal, COME ON DOWN!

You are the first four contestants on The Price Is Right!”

Bob entered arm in arm with Holly and Dian and read a letter from Mark Goodson, while flanked by all 3 beauties.

1st IUFB: a Honda Dirt Bike

Kathleen: $1150
Darrell: $900
Diane: $1300
Harry: $1349*

ARP: $1495

1st game: the debut of Make Your Move; it’s played for a blender, a range, and a NEW CAR! (an Eagle Summit)

the numbers are arranged like this: 985040719

Harry sets the blender at 40
the range at 719
and the car at 9850

is he right?…….YES! Make Your Move is a success according to Bob!

“Arthur Egstrom, COME ON DOWN!”

2nd IUFB: a Freestanding fireplace

Arthur: $1099
Kathleen: $1250*
Darrell: $900
Diane: $1

ARP: $1495

2nd game: “Kathleen, you are going to play Plinko!……”

Kathleen ends up with 4 out of 5 chips

TOTAL: $2600

“Judy Pettigrew, COME ON DOWN!”

3rd IUFB: Home Gym

Judy: $1400
Darrell: $1650
Diane: $1675*
Arthur: $1

ARP: $1695

3rd Game: Barker’s Bargain Bar for a dinette and refrigerator

Dinette: $710 (Bargain)
Refrigerator $815 (Bargain)

Diane picks the dinette:

Refrigerator ARP: $1115 ($300 difference)
Dinette ARP: $1210 ($500 difference) WIN!

1st showcase showdown:
-Diane gets booed
-Kathleen wins with .85

“Lou Reed, COME ON DOWN!”

4th IUFB: Pair of recliners

Lou: $1200*
Arthur: $1199 (an absolutely moronic bid)
Judy: $1100
Darrell: $1250

ARP: $1213

4th game: Double Prices for a dunebuggy

$6490 (Lou’s pick)

ARP: $7174 LOSS

“Raymond Miller, COME ON DOWN!”

5th IUFB: a home computer

Raymond: $1199
Arthur: $1300
Judy: $1500
Darrell: $1501*

ARP: $1558

5th game: 3 Strikes+ for a Cadillac Sedan De Ville!

numbers in the price: 2,5,7,9,0

1st draw: Strike 1
2nd draw: Strike 2!
3rd draw: 5, Darrell guesses postion 4……NO
4th draw: 0, Darrell guesses position 5……NO
5th draw: 0, Darrell guesses position 3…….YES
6th draw: 7, Darrell guesses position 2…….YES
7th draw: 5, Darrell guesses position 5…….YES
8th draw: 9, Darrell guesses position 4……..YES
9th and final draw………..STRIKE 3!

“Bernie Thompson, COME ON DOWN!”

6th IUFB: Camcorder

Bernie: $750
Raymond: $950
Arthur: $1000
Judy: $1001*

ARP: $1079

6th game: Grocery Game for a bedroom set ($3599); by this point the winning margin was $20-$21

1st pick: 18 boxes of Creametts Macaroni @ .42= $7.56
2nd pick: 5 boxes of cornbread dressing @ $1.54= $7.70
3rd pick: 2 boxes of lightbulbs @ $2.99= $5.98
TOTAL: $21.24……..OVER

2nd showcase showdown:
-Darrell wins with .80

Showcase: Kathleen (top winner) & Darrell (runner up)

1st Showcase: “Ways To Get Wet” (features a bathing suit-clad Dian)
-outdoor shower
-scuba gear

Kathleen passes; Darrell bids $13500

2nd Showcase: “On the Road 2 Romance”
-Jeran evening gown (modeled by Janice)
-trip to Paris (6 nights)
-Ford Mustang convertible

Kathleen bids $22500
$13500 (Darrell)
($25494) ARP
$11994 (difference)

$22500 (Kathleen)
($23015) ARP
$515 (difference) WIN!

Kathleen’s total winnings: $27213

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