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March 2019
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pening Spiel:
20th Anniversary Week
TV’s Longest-Running Game Show
Let’s Celebrate!

Andrew Riley Jr….Come on Down!!
Kelly Finn…Come on Down!!
Frances Feliz…Come on Down!!
Manuel Lowe…Come on Down!!

Bob introduces Mark Goodson who is brought in by the turntable sitting on his director’s chair with Janice and Holly on his left and Dian and Kathleen on his right. Bob and Mark shake hands and talk.

Bob: “Congratulations Mark!! How does it feel to have your brainchild starting its 20th year on CBS?”
Mark: “It certainly…I asked the girls to carry me out. They refused. (Girls laugh) But without the chance. 20 Years is a long time, Bob. And I think if you can measure time in many ways and one of them is to think of the prices of things cost when we began 20 years ago. What they cost now. For example: In the 1st year we were on, One of the 1st showcases (which included a car) was $2,600, altogether. Then, we gave away in the next year, A Buick (A NEW Buick) cost $3,600. Today, It’s nine…$19,000. The very 1st Corvette we gave away (which is in the next year) was $8,000. Today, $36,000…”
Bob:”Oh My!!”
Mark”…But Incidentally, We’ve all given (in spite of the inflation) almost a hundred million dollars”
(Audience Applauds)
Bob:”That’s right. A Hundred Million Dollars in the 19 years.”
Mark:”A writer said that “Price is Right” has given away more than anyone than health, education, and welfare.”
Bob:”That’s true.”
(Bob and Models laughs)
Mark:”Also, BTW: It’s nice to remember (Interesting to contemplate it) about what was around when “The Price is Right” first started and what was not around. For example: When we began in 1972, They’re were no jumbo jets, no compact discs, no VCR’s (Thank God nobody had to figure them out) (Bob Laughs). They’re were no Donald Trump jokes about Marla (Bob laughs again). ’cause she was only eight years old. But I’m delighted that we survived and even though our hair has slightly changed (Bob laughs), I believe we’re gonna be here a lot longer, Bob. (Audience cheers) And I want to wish you 20 more great years.”
Bob:”Thank You. I want to say that it has been a joy working for you. I enjoyed it. Mark Goodson, Ladies and Gentlemen.”
(Audience Applauds)

Item #1: Trip to Las Vegas (Modeled by a Money Wheel)


Andrew: $2200
Kelly: $1400
Frances: $1500
Manuel: $995 *

ARP: $1159

Manuel is up on stage to play 3 Strikes for a Chevrolet Corvette (J).

The numbers are 8, 6 ,5 ,4 and 3.

Pulls out 4 first, guesses 2nd number…NO
Pulls out strike one.
Pulls out 5 next, guesses 2nd number…NO
Pulls out 5 again, guesses 3rd number…NO
Pulls out 6 this time, guesses 2nd number…NO
Pulls out strike two.
Pulls out 6 again, guesses 3rd number…RIGHT
Pulls out 8 next , guesses 2nd…RIGHT
Pulls out strike three.

The price was $38,654.

John Kelly…Come on Down!!

Item #2: Honda Nighthawk Motorcycle (H)


John: $1750*
Andrew: $4200 (Stupid Bid)
Kelly: $830
Frances: $900

ARP: $2198

John is the 1st player to play the new Swap Meet for a Berkline Recliner (J), Stereo (D), Hotpoint Electric Range (H), and a Soccer Table (K).

John swaps the recliner for the range.

The range is $599.

The recliner is…..$599.

1st winner in Swap Meet.

The stereo was $1550.

The soccer table was $855.

Darlene Butler…Come on Down!!

Item #3: Samsung Color TV (J w/ Rod on-screen)


Darlene: $350
Andrew: $250
Kelly: $600
Frances: $601 *

ARP: $731

Frances plays for $10,000 in cash in Grand Game.

The target price is $2.40.

The products:

Country Kitchen Lite Pancake Syrup
Jolly Time America’s Best Popcorn
Archway Oatmeal Cookies
X-14 Soap Scum Remover
Dum Dum Lollipops
Woolite Cleaner

Her picks:


Frances goes for it and chooses…



Clip #1: The Amana from Hell

SCSD #1:
Manuel ($1,159)-.60+.70=OVER
John ($5,801)-.50+.75=OVER
Frances ($10,731)-.35 (Goes to showcase)

Juanita L. Rodd…Come on Down!!

Item #4: Black and Decker Home Workshop (K)


Juanita: $450
Darlene: $1250 *
Andrew: $850
Kelly: $851

ARP: $1482

Darlene is playing Barker’s Bargain Bar for a Grandfather Clock (J) and The Simpsons Arcade Game (D).

Chooses Clock as bigger bargain.

Arcade Game

Bargain Price: $2800
ARP: $3200
Difference: $400


Bargain Price: $1495
ARP: $2295
Difference: $800

Darlene wins.

Richard Lew(sp?)…Come on Down!!

Item #5: Enesco Music Boxes (J&H)


Richard: $430
Andrew: $450
Kelly: $500
Juanita: $501 *

ARP: $1000

Juanita plays Cliff Hangers for a Geo Metro Convertible (K) worth $10,665.

The small prizes:

Superseal Cooker
Rinsenvac Carpet Cleaners
Preferred Stock Fondue Set

Says cooker is $21…BZZZ!! Hans moves 8 spaces. ARP: $13
Says rug cleaners is $16…BZZZ!! Hans stops on 25 (YIKES!!). ARP: $33
Says fondue set is $45….RIGHT!!! Hans stays on 25.

What a BIG win!!!

Deborah Engelhardt…Come on Down!!

Item #6: Whirlpool Refrigerator/Freezer w/ Dynatrim (J&D)


Deborah: $1175
Richard: $1300
Andrew: $1400
Kelly: $1401 *

ARP: $1463

Kelly plays Double Prices for a Brass Bed (H)

The choices are $2306 or $3264.

She chooses $2306 and is….WRONG!!

Clip #2: Alene passes out (Young Holly and former producer Jay Wolpert make a cameo)

SCSD #2:

Kelly ($1,463)-.75 and quits.
Darlene ($6,977)-.10+.65=.75
Juanita ($11,759)-BOO+Bob’s most embarrasing moments+Another BOO+.30+1.00=OVER


Darlene-ONE DOLLAR!! **$1,000**Bonus Spin-.60


Top Winner: Frances
Runner-Up: Darlene

Showcase #1: Rod becomes the Ultimate Surfer

Becker Surfwear and Surfboards
Bendigo Swimwear (H in a Yellow swimsuit, D in a skimpy beach bikini, and K in a Blue swimsuit w/ green flowers)
Toyota Previa (Rod,D,K, and H)

Frances passes to Darlene who bids $24,500.

Showcase #2: Splendido!!

Dining Room Set w/ Michael C. Fina China (J)
Young Chang Grand Piano
Mediterranean Cruise (K)

Frances bids $27,000.

The results:


ARP: $30,323
Bid: $27,000
Difference: $3,323


ARP: $24,994
Bid: $24,500
Difference: $494

Darlene wins $32,971 in prizes.

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