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June 2019
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Here we go.

Johnny Olson: “Here it comes!”
“Television Most Exciting Hour of fabulous prizes!’
“It’s The Fabulous 60 minute Price Is Right!!”

Carol Gregory, COME ON DOWN!!
Okla Wallace, COME ON DOWN!!
Leah Templeton, COME ON DOWN!!
Eunice Pekstart, COME ON DOWN!!

“You are the first four contestants on The Price Is Right!!”
“And Now here’s the star of The Price Is Right, BOB BARKER!!”

Before the proceedings begin, Bob takes time to acknowledge Phillip Wayne’s birthday! At this time he is 35 years old. Bob calls him a Good Old Guy and JO loses it. Funny stuff.

1st Item: J Charles Game Carpeting ARP: $350

Eunice $450
Leah $250
Okla $300
Carol $325*

Carol will play ANY NUMBER for 1980 AMC Contour Sedan or King Koil Brass Bed or Piggy Bank.

1st guess: 6 first number in the piggy bank
2nd guess: 5 1st number in the price of the car
3rd guess: 7 2nd number in the price of the car
4th guess 0 last number in the price of the Bunk Beds
5th guess: 1 second number in the price of the Bunk Beds
6th guess: 2 second number in the price of the piggy bank
7th guess: 9 first number in the price of the Bunk Beds and wins the bunk beds. LOSE

Car $5743
Bunk Beds $910
Piggy Bank $6.28
Donald Rayjack, COME ON DOWN!!
2nd Item: The Call Jotter Phone Answering System ARP: $700

Eunice $550
Leah $525
Okla $250
Donald $700* $100 Bonus!!

Donald, on his honeymoon, will play HURDLES for a Keller Dining Room Group with Pealtzgraff China worth $1,990

Runner: Ritz Crackers worth 89 cents.

1st Hurdle: Windex Window Cleaner or Super Slaw Mix
Chooses the Super Slaw Mix

2nd Hurdle: Knott’s Boysenberry Preserves or Super Glaze Pie Glaze
Chooses the Pie Glaze

3rd Hurdle: Creamettes Macaroni or York Peppermint Patty
Chooses the York Peppermint Patty

1st hurdle: Super Slaw Mix 49 cents
2nd hurdle: Super Glaze Pie Glaze 59 cents
3rd hurdle: York Peppermint Patty 25 cents WIN!! Even though these prices were way under 89 cents, Hurdles was in sync today and each of them looked like the hurdler was going to crash!! Very exciting.
Antonia Spicer, COME ON DOWN!!!
3rd Item: Marcrest Lamps ARP: $329
Eunice $330(over by $1)
Leah $525
Okla $275*
Antonia $225

Okla will play POKER GAME for
A set of Collier’s Encyclopedia
Pair of Catnapper Recliners
Corella Bar Globe
& Radio Shack Computer

Chooses the Computer at $499
& the Recliners at $700 for
9 9 0 0 7 passes the hand to the house. Must make hand from the Encyclopedias & the Bar globe

Encyclopedias $550
Bar Globe $550

Player 5 5 5 5 0 WIN!!
House 9 9 0 0 7
1st Showcase Showdown
$1,260Carol 1st spin $1.00 **$1,000!!** Bonus spin: .15 **$5,000!!!**
$2,628 Okla 1st spin .90 2nd spin .45 OVER
$2,790 Donald 1st spin .95 2nd spin .35 OVER
Jerry Haywood, COME ON DOWN!!
4th Item: Diversified Products Home Gym ARP: $509
Eunice $550
Leah $701
Jerry $475*
Antonia $700

Jerry will be the first in TPIR history to Play BARKER’S BARGAIN BAR for
Hot Dog Cart WP: $1595 ARP: $1895 DIF: $300
(picks) Dynafoil Cycle Boat WP: $1770 ARP: $2270 DIF: $500 WIN!!
Myrna Ryke, COME ON DOWN!!
5th Item: Pearl Grandfather Clock ARP: $999
Eunice $802
Leah $803*
Myrna $725
Antonia $801

Leah will play CLIFFHANGERS for a set of Magic Chef Kitchen Appliances worth $2,193

1st prize: Pair of Kinney Shoes Guess: $20 wrong Hans moves 4 steps! RP: $24
2nd prize: Norelco Hairsetter Guess: $32 wrong Hans moves 2 steps! RP: $30 19 steps left.
3rd prize: La Machine Food Preparation system Guess: $58 wrong Hans moves 3 steps. RP: $61 WIN!!!
Jeannie Kinkel, COME ON DOWN!!
6th Item: Kitchenaid Trash Compactor ARP: $460
Eunice $402*
Jeannie $350
Myrna $375
Antonia $402

Eunice will play MONEY GAME for a 1980 Pontiac Sunbird Coupe
05 48 36
54 93 27
72 80 50
$___ ___

1st pick: 54 $
2nd pick: 50 Front of the car
3rd pick: 72 $
4th pick: 36 $
5th pick: 27 $ LOSE with $189

Needed 80 for the car. Eunice walks off and doesn’t say one word to Bob, and Bob finds it hilarious! She’ll eventually talk later…
2nd Showcase Showdown
$649 Eunice 1st spin .15 2nd spin .60 for .75
$3,307 Leah 1st spin .55 2nd spin .95 OVER
$4,674 Jerry 1st spin .45 2nd spin .85 OVER

Eunice wins and comes to life!! Let’s see how she does in the showcase against Carol
Carol is the top winner
Eunice is the runner-up

1st showcase: Broyhill Living room group
100 square yards of Galaxy Carpeting
A.C. Weber Vacuum set
Zenith 25″ Color TV
Wurlitzer Organ
Carol bids $4400

2nd showcase: T.P.I.R. Anagrams
1st: RAPSI unscrambled for a Trip to Paris
2nd: MOER unscrambled for a Trip to Rome
3rd: ICHNUM unscrambled for a Trip to Munich
4th: IXENOHP Unscrambled for a 1980 Pontiac Phoenix
Eunice bids $11500

starts with Eunice
BID: $11500
ARP: $10724

Now over to Carol
BID: $4400
ARP: $6224
DIF: $1824 WIN!!

Carol has won a total of $13,484

total stats
Games Won: 4 for 6
Total Amount won: $27,532

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