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June 2019
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Judy Rainhour, COME ON DOWN!!
Susan Braz, COME ON DOWN!!
Barbara Perol, COME ON DOWN!!
Loretta Brady, COME ON DOWN!!

“You are the first four contestants on The Price Is Right!!”
“And Now here’s the star of The Price Is Right, BOB BARKER!!”

1st Item: America The Elegant Waterbed ARP: $532

Judy $900
Susan $450*
Barbara $975
Loretta $625

Susan will play ANY NUMBER for
1983 Ford Escort or Aaron Brothers Art Mart Furniture
Ford Escort $6152
Art Furniture $403
Piggy bank $8.97

1st guess: 7 Last number in the piggy bank
2nd guess: 6 1st number in the price of the car
3rd guess: 9 2nd number in the piggy bank.
4th guess: 8 1st number in piggy bank LOSE
James Barter, COME ON DOWN!!
2nd Item: Pinseeker Golf Clubs & Bag ARP: $1021

Judy $651*
James $500
Barbara $650
Loretta $245

Judy, will be the first person in the history of TPIR to hear these words…

JO: “You are going to play PLINKO, for a chance to win up to $25,000!!”
This time the intro music used is the same as Grand Game and $25,000 comes down from the ceiling, with $25,000 going around it.

Free Chip
Bedsack Covering WP: 12 picks 2 and is right! RP: $32
Mary Kay Cosmetics WP: 41 picks 4 and is wrong. RP: $71
Regina Electric Broom WP: 79 picks 7 and is right!! RP: $75
Vollrath Kitchenware WP: 62 picks 2 and is right!! RP: $32

Judy will play Plinko with 4 Plinko chips and could win up to $20,000.

1st historical chip goes in $500R
2nd chip goes in $500R(Note, Bob does not remove the 1st Plinko chip, so it lands on top of the previous chip, Bob is also calling the chips discs)
3rd chip goes in $500L
4th and final chip goes in $5000!! Judy, the 1st player ever to play Plinko, wins $6,500!!
Afterwards Bob had Judy review Plinko and she says “It’s TERRIFIC!!”
Konnie Lash, COME ON DOWN!!!!
3rd Item: Panasonic Microwave Oven ARP: $520
Konnie $550
James $400*
Barbara $525
Loretta $575

James will play Most Expensive for
1. Chromcraft Bar Set $1095
2. Tappan Gas Range $990
3. Kwon Etagere $2420

James picks the Range and LOSES.
1st Showcase Showdown
$520 James 1st spin .85 STAYS
$540.97 Susan 1st spin .70 2nd spin .75 OVER
$7,660 Judy 1st spin .40 2nd spin .80 OVER

James will go to the Showcase
Shirley Belman, COME ON DOWN!!
4th Item: Homestead Ceiling Fan ARP: $428

Konnie $451
Shirley $500
Barbara $450
Loretta $400*

Loretta will play Poker Game for
Avanti Bar Cart
Bernhardt Sofa
Kelvinator Washer & Dryer
Gold Star 19″ Color TV

Loretta picks the Washer & Dryer & the TV

Washer & Dryer $880
TV $595 for a hand of 8 8 5 5 9

Loretta passes that hand to the House.
Bar Cart $299
Sofa $515 for a hand of

Player 9 9 5 5 2
House 8 8 5 5 0 WIN!!
Rosco Hutchinson, COME ON DOWN!! This man is BUFF.
5th Item: In-Sink-Erator Dishwasher & supply of Electrasol ARP: $575

Konnie $450*
Shirley $620
Barbara $425
Rosco $600

Konnie will 3 STRIKES for a 1983 Mazda GLC Sedan
Numbers in the price: 6, 5, 0, 7
1st draw: X Strike 1
2nd draw: 5 Says it is the 2nd number and is right! _5_ _
3rd draw: X Strike 2
4th draw: 6 Says it is the 1st number and is wrong
5th draw: 6 Says it is the 3rd number and is right!! _56_
6th draw: 7 Says it is the 1st number and is right!! 756_
7th draw: 0 and WINS!! $7560
Teresa DeLang, COME ON DOWN!!!
6th Item: Berkline Recliner ARP: $631

Teresa $295
Shirley $450
Barbara $500*
Rosco $400

Barbara will play PICK-A-PAIR for a Windjammer Barefoot Caribbean Cruise & a set of Skyway Luggage worth $2,588

Items today:
Sue Bee Honey
Hefty Microwave Container
Sayman Soap
Knott’s Boysenberry Preserves
Bartender’s Drink

Barbara picks the Honey & the Preserves

Honey $1.79
Preserves $1.29

Barbara keeps the Honey and picks the Borax and it is $1.99 and LOSE!!

Bartender’s Drink Mix was $1.79
2nd Showcase Showdown
$631 Barbara, who hits her head on the wheel in her 1st spin gets .45 2nd spin .35 for .80
$2,717 Loretta 1st spin .45 2nd spin .15 for .60
$8,135 Konnie 1st spin .55 2nd spin .25 for .80 and a tie

Barbara Spinoff spin $1.00 **$1,000** Bonus spin .80
Konnie Spinoff spin .25

Barbara will face James in the showcase!!
Barbara is the top winner
James is the runner-up

1st showcase: Paul Nelson Telephone
Kestell Poker Table
Amana Refrigerator & Freezer
15 ft. Sailboat

Barbara passes to James who bids $3085

2nd Showcase: Dian tries to save gas
Ross Bicycle
Honda 110 ATV
1983 Ranger Mini Motorhome

Barbara bids $9000

Bob starts with Barbara

BID: $9000
ARP: $14159
DIF: $5159

Now over to James

BID: $3085
ARP: $6316
DIF: $3221 WIN!!
James wins a total of $6836

Total stats:
Games won: 2 for 6
Total Amount won: $28,039.97

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