Episode Count 5,203
June 2019
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Opening Graphics: ?, Fun-Filled Hour, Terrific Prizes

First four lineup: Red to Green podiums

Barker: Stage Entrance

Handoff: Janice (and Bob gives her a kiss on the cheek)

Models of the Day: Holly Hallstrom, Dian Parkinson, and Janice Pennington

Wardrobe: PG Collections by Ginger Bort

1. Jump Room Rascals' Race Car Bed (H)($1250)
Greta-$350  Martin-$550  *Timothy-$900  Paula-$600

Timothy will be the very first contestant to play....SPELLING BEE for a
Jeep Cherokee 2-Door Wagon (wheel trim rings, CAEm) (J) worth $12,346.

Timothy's first two picks: 10 and 4.

Hand Vac:   30, Right price: 40, Difference: 10, Timothy picks 30
Containers: 25, Right price: 16, Difference: 9,  Timothy picks 22
Paint:      45, Right Price: 40, Difference: 5,  Timothy picks 8

Bob offers Timothy $2,500 to stop but he wants to go for the Car.

Card 10: R, offered $2,000 but wants to go for the Car.
Card 4:  A, offered $1,500 but wants to go for the Car.
Card 30: C! WIN

(Card 22 was a C, Card 8 was also a C)

Bob asks Timothy how he likes Spelling Bee and he replies "I Love it !"

2. Galaxy Custom made Area Rug (J)($1299) ALVA-$575 Paula-$900 Greta-$1200 *Martin-$1201 Martin will play RANGE GAME for an Addictor Boat 245 Sportboat (D) ($6460) Range: $6100-$6700 Martin stops the Range Finder 6500-6400 and WINS
3. Colortyme VCR (H)($549) STEVEN-$425 Alva-$500 Paula-$525 *Greta-$526 Greta will play RACE GAME for the following: La-Z-Boy Powered Comfort Recliner (J) Carousel Style Glass Table (D) Kitchenaid Food Prepper (J) Frigidare Washer/Dryer (D) Prices: $430 $660 $880 $1099 Guesses: Chair-$1099, $430-Food Prep, $880-Wash/Dry, $660-Table Result: 4 OUT OF 4 RIGHT (11 SECONDS)
Showcase Showdown #1: $ 3,618 Greta: 60 + 45 OVER 7,759 Martin: 90 stays advances to the Showcase Round 13,692 Timothy: 55 + 1.00 OVER
4. Chromcraft 5pc Dinette + Nabisco Frosted Wheat Squares Cereal (H)($1806) LAURIE-$1100 *Steven-$1250 Alva-$1150 Paula-$1200 Steven will play BARKER'S BARGAIN BAR for the following: Trip to Washington DC (6 nights, Sheraton Washington DC) (J) Trip to New Orleans (6 nights, Sheraton New Orleans) (D) Bargain Prices: Washington DC-$2500 New Orleans-$2100 Steven says Washington DC is the Bigger Bargain. Actual Prices: New Orleans - $2100, Difference-$800 Washington DC - $2500, Difference-$500 Steven leaves empty handed.
5. Whirlpool No-Bar French Door Refrigerator/Freezer + Piknik Potato Chips (D)($1060) *PEGGY-$1000 Alva-$1200 Paula-$1250 Laurie-$1300 Peggy will play ADD EM' UP for a Ford Fiesta LS (Am/Fm Cass, CAEm)(H) Add up to the Number 17. Peggy wants the third digit in Car given free: 3 Peggy says 8...NO !!! Peggy says 6...WAH-WAH-WAH !!! The price of the Car was $7,235.
6. Ashley 4-piece Table Group (J)($800) JOANNE-$1200 Alva-$1000 Paula-$1500 Laurie-$1250 ALL OVERBID *Joanne-$800 Alva-$950 Paula-$951 Laurie-$952 Joanne will conclude today's show w/ GRAND GAME for a chance to win up to $10,000 in CASH !!! Target: $1.35 Grocery Items used in today's playing: Sunny Delight Citrus Punch, Zingers Deserts, Success Rice, Pompeiian Olive Oil, Clabber Gal Baking Powder, Del Monte Peas Picks: Peas - $0.43 ($10) Baking Pdwr - $0.72 ($100) Rice - $1.45 (WAH-WAH-WAH) (Olive Oil-$0.99, Punch-$1.29, Deserts-$1.25)
Showcase Showdown #2: $ 900 Joanne: 95 stays 1,060 Peggy: 50 + 25 = 75 1,806 Steven: 1.00 $1,000 and a Bonus Spin! Steven's Bonus Spin: 70, advances to the Showcase Round.
Showcase Round: Martin is the Top Winner, Steven is the Runner Up Showcase #1: "TPiR Train Depot" 'O' Shaped Entertainment Cabinet Garland Restaurant Style Professional Range (H) Young Chang Classic Grand Piano (D) Martin passes to Martin and he bids $9,500. Showcase #2: "Rod's Dreaded Announcer's Test" Rowe Sapphire 92 CD Jukebox (J) Trip to Scotland (6 nights, Copthorne Square) Komfort 19-ft Travel Trailer (D) Martin bids $13,200. Actual price of Steven's showcase: $14,230 Difference: $4,730 Actual price of Martin's showcase: $15,530 Difference: $2,330 Martin has won a grand total of: $23,289
Games Won: 3 for 6 Total Won: $45,365

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