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Wednesday, January 17, 1996  Bob's Entrance: Door #2
#1: Bic Sport Lambada Sailboard w/Phyto-Nutrients Vitamins
[1000] [1155]  [1156] [1185]


It's a new Pricing Game on TPiR, bringing the total number of Pricing Games
to 61 (minus Check-Out, it's 60). 

Rebecca has the dubious honor of playing it! 

And as we play some more New Edd Kalehoff music, let's show her some

Bassett Home Office Desk
Samsung 27" Color TV
Berkline Sierra Hideaway Sofa
Whirlpool Washer/Dryer 

The name of the game is... SHOPPING SPREE. 

The four prizes are presented in front of a scoreboard. Each price has
a green price tag with TPiR dollar sign. Since this game involves 4 prizes,
the game falls into the Four or More Prizes category (like Race Game and

To win the game, the contestant must spend at least a predetermined amount
of money, or the Goal. Today, it is $3500. If the contestant can pick the
three MOST EXPENSIVE prizes shown to her, she wins all 4 prizes. In effect,
this is the antithesis of Credit Card, where you must pick the three LEAST
expensive items. 

The "Goal" is indicated by a red LED display (and doesn't change), while
"Money Spent" is indicated above the Goal by a larger green LED display. 

Desk       Sofa       TV      Wash/Dry   Money left
          ******                           $3500   <--- Goal

                              ********     $2180

                                           $1182    If the last item she picks
                                                    is more than $1182, she
                                                    wins all 4 prizes. 

$1500                                      GOAL MET! Win! 

The price of the TV was not revealed. 

#2: Howard Miller Wall Clock Grant Yolanda Aaron KATHERINE [ 850] [1200] [ 851] [ 800] *1125* Back to Door #2, where your one prize only is: SIDE BY SIDE: Young Chang Console Piano: 60 49 <--- 6049 ARP 4960 XXX
#3: Model Train Set Grant Yolanda RODNEY Katherine [ 750] [ 751] [ 525] [ 499] *1010* A NEW car? I've never seen someone get that excited over a Ford Aspire. St, CA E, ABS, AC. $10,195. SPELLING BEE: Free cards: 11, 12 Pierre Cardin Insatiable Kitchen Organizer Set Kids II Crib Light Insatiable She says $15 ARP $15 Wins all three prizes and three more cards! Organizer $25 KIICL $13 Next 3 cards: 29, 7, 5. She will look at one card. 11 A -A- Continues 12 A -A- Continues 29 C CA- Continues 7 A CA- Continues. We're desperate for an R. And Hex Head Bob reveals that it is a(n)... 5 CAR CAR Wins... wait, are you sure the thing she won is a car? Well, she won it anyway.
SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN: Aaron 60 (stands) Rebecca 60 (stands) Yolanda 65 (stands) Yolanda is in!
#4: Maytag Refrigerator/Freezer Grant KIM Rodney Katherine [1101] [1100] [1500] [1501] *1449* 1RP: Ruttan Bar Set $2074 Beach Billiards Bumper Pool Table $2074 <---- $2549 ARPs $2074
#5: Pine Kitchen Safe MARK Kim Rodney Katherine [ 650] [ 750] [ 850] [ 500] *$848* Did someone say new car? How about A NEW UTE! The 1996 Ford Bronco XL. St, CA E, Auto, +Cass, 680a, TrailTow. 3 STRIKES: Numbers in Ford Bronco: 2,3,4,5,6 $--,--- 2 (1st) YES Question: Are we ever going to play other Car games for cars greater than $20,000? Besides One Away, that is... $2-,--- STRIKE ONE! $2-,--- X 4 (4th) YES $2-,-4- X STRIKE TWO! $2-,-4- XX STRIKE THREE! Yer OUT! $26,345 XXX ARP
#6: New Home Sewing Machine w/Robitussin Sugar Free Cough Drops Mark TRISHA Rodney Kathering [ 601] [ 600] [ 565] [ 550] *$849* Mark can win this: Scotland! (6n, Glasgow Hilton) $5,080. Let's play BULLSEYE: Clorox Lemon Fresh American's Best Jolly Time 2-Pack Dove Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake Pillsbury Crescent Rolls Mark wants 9 Clorox. One is $ 1.39 Nine are $12.51 You missed the target by 51 cents. Try again. Mark wants 8 Soaps. One is $ 2.11 Eight are $16.88 You COMPLETELY missed the target. Now, aren't we glad he didn't play Grocery Game? On this last pick, you must buy enough of one product to total $10 to $12. If you go over $12, the game is over, since you will not have hit the target. Mark wants 5 Popcorn. One is $ 1.99 Five are $ 9.95 You missed the Bullseye by 5 cents, but at least you did hit the target. The only way for you to win now is if the instant bullseye is behind the popcorn, since that was the only one product you hit the target with. Bleach Popcorn Dove Ice Cream Rolls ******* SORRY SORRY BULLSEYE SORRY SORRY
Contestants not appearing on stage will receive the Oreck Vacuum. SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN: Kim 10 (spins again) +40 = 50 Mark 75 (stands) Grant 75 (stands) Spin-off: Mark 10 Grant 90 Grant is in.
SHOWCASE: Yolanda TW, Grant RU. #1: Little Known... Holidays White Lawn Care Products Oneida Silversmiths Flatware His-Hers Dacor Scuba Gear 1996 Ford Mustang (St, CA E, 241a, RWF) Yolanda PASSES to Grant! Grant bids $20,000. #2: Bedroom Millenium Bedroom Group Custom Designs Bedding Somma Flotation Mattress Set EZ Go 2 Golf Cart Pinseeker Golf Clubs Yolanda bids $11,995. MOMENT OF TRUTH: Yolanda bid $11,995 ARP $13,129 Diff $ 1,134 As you know, if the first contestant checked has a difference of less than $2,000, it means only one of two things for the other contestant: (1) The other contestant is even closer. (2) The other contestant has gone over. Let's find out right now... Grant bid $20,000 ARP Twenty-one thousand... ONE OH THREE. Diff $ 1,103 Win! See, folks, I told you so. GT: $22,552.

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