Mega Wars

In a first for Junkyard Wars/Scrapheap Challenge, 3 teams will compete over 2 days to build a multi-purpose machine. Each of the 3 teams comes from a different country, all with different backgrounds. The experts are all-new as is the judge.

They will have to build a vehicle that will race around a course on salt-flats, climb over a rock (and boulder) strewn course then it's a lap around a course on a lake. Each event is worth 1, 2 or 3 points, depending on how you finish. The team with the highest score after the 3 events is declared the world champion of building something from nothing.

The American Raptors are going to attach flotation to a big four-wheel drive truck. The size of the truck and it's engine will give it significant advantages in the first two events but getting it to float AND propel itself along will be tricky. They'll need to find that big truck with big tires and plenty of stuff to float it. This is be a massive vehicle which could be their downfall.

The British Bulldogs will use a similar approach to the Americans. The biggest truck with the biggest wheels they can find. They'll strap floats to it to make it float. Again, if they find a good truck, the first two heats will be easy but again, getting a couple tons of steel to float is not the easiest thing in the world to do...especially when you only have 20 hours!

The Russian Bears are abandoning convention altogether. They're going to make a boat drive. By using the hull of a boat they'll keep weight down with a small engine that will chain-drive a set of rear wheels. However, there will be *6* wheels at the rear of their vehicle which will rotate over rocks should one get stuck. In essence, it will pull them over obstacles. On the road course, only 4 of the 6 rear wheels will be touching making this a 5 by 6 instead of a 4 by 4. They face problems, obviously, with their radical design, chain driven system and small engine.

American Raptors
from left to right; Joe,
Matt & Captain Barry
inset; expert Jason Bunch
British Bulldogs
from left to right;
Captain 'Doc', Lee & Tim
inset; expert Graham Mitchell
Russian Bears
from left to right; Vladimir, 
Evgueni & Captain Max
inset; expert Rene Pohl
Your Mega Wars Mega hosts!
Tyler, Cathy and Robert
The Raptors want to weld a dumpster
to a powerful truck to make it float
The Bulldogs want to put pontoons
and an outboard onto a truck
The Bears want to put a car engine
into a boat and use a "TriStar" at the rear
The Russian Bears are rarin' to go
The Bears will need 7 motorcycle tires
for their odd design
In order to float the Raptors' truck
which weighs 1.1 tons, they need to
displace *4 tons* of water
Did anyone tell the Raptors that Chevy
rhymes with heavy?
Cathy has a chat with the Bulldogs
over their outboard motor...
...which should move their floating Jeep
Cherokee across the water quickly
The Bears' Toyota and the cameraman
had a close run-in
The Bulldogs weld one of their massive
pontoons together
The Mega Judge
Tony Shaw
The front half of this motorcycle will
work well for the Bears design
They're hugging because after some
searching, they found a boat
It got so hot, the Bulldogs resorted to
nun habits to cool themselves off
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