Wheelie Car

Today on the scrapheap, the teams will be required to build a car that can drive on its rear wheels. From a flat, starting position, the cars will have to pop up on their back wheels and navigate three courses. In the first race, the teams will travel along a straight track with the team who was up on two wheels the longest percentage of the track length, wins. In the second race, they will have to navigate a slalom course. Should they knock over any obstacles or land on all wheels, they will be penalized. Fastest total time wins. Finally, it's a head to head drag race down a straight track. First team over the finish line advances in the tournament.

The Squadron (the Royal Air Force) is thinking light. They want to build a chassis for a three-wheeled vehicle and put a small engine directly over the rear axle. Being light will make it nimble and potentially faster than the other teams car. However, building their own chassis is likely to take a long time. Also a light frame could fall apart when the front end of the car crashes back down to earth.

The Destroyers (Royal Navy officers) are going big and bulky. They will rip the body off of a big truck and put it's engine at the rear. With the other car, having the weight in the rear will push the front skyward and a big engine will have tons of power. However, unless they shed loads of weight, the front might be too heavy to get off the ground and kept airborne.

The Squadron
c.wise fr top lt; Capt Peter,
Simon, Stuart and Expert Oz
c.wise fr top lt; Capt Jim, JJ,
Adrian and Expert Tony Bailey
The Squadron's 3 Wheelie Car
The Destroyers Wheelie Jeep
This Suzuki 4x4 will make up
the chassis and little else
The Robin Reliant will form the chassis
and body for the Squadron
This massive V6 engine will be
shoehorned into the Reliant
Since the engine is going at the rear,
the axle will have to be flipped over
else they'll be traveling backward
Larger, heavier tires will take the
punishment of bouncing better
This weeks TC is
Ronnie Picardo
The Destroyers mount their engine
to the chassis of the gutted Suzuki
To solve the reverse engine problem,
they re-use the Suzuki's transfer case
For the Squadron, they will use a chain
to drive a backward facing prop shaft
To brake left, they will apply the moped
brake to the left tire and vice-versa
Each car has wheelie bars to
prevent it from flipping over
For looks, The Squadron are putting
the body back on the Robin Reliant
The Destroyer's Wheelie Jeep
The Squadron's Wheelie Reliant
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